Should You Buy EDU Backlinks?

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Buying links to place on your website is something that many owners of websites are doing. This is a highly controversial subject and not something that all owners approve of. You may be looking into whether you should buy edu backlinks or not and whether it is really worth it. Here is just some information on the subject.

To be ranked highly by search engines, your website will need to prove to be an authority. The search engines, especially the top ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing, will look at the number of websites that link to yours to see whether it should be classed as an authority website. It is a very important factor in website ranking so it makes sense to pay close attention to it.

You can find out your link popularity by going into a search engine and searching for your domain name with the work “link:” beforehand. You will not get all of the websites, especially when using Google, but you will get a good idea as to whether your website is popular or whether you need to do a little more work. If you find that you are not popular, you may look at buying links and this is where the question of whether you should buy edu backlinks or not comes up.

There are some types of links that are better than others. Edu links are from educational websites and do have a high authority from search engines; similarly org and gov links are also high in authority. This is because the majority of these links are from trusted websites that offer genuine information or products. People trust them and search engines trust them. There is a risk in buying bad links, which often come from linking farms. These will do more harm than good and often lead to websites being blacklisted from the search engines.

If you do decide to buy edu backlinks, it is very important to check that you buy the links from different IP addresses and that you do it slowly. Getting too many, too quickly will give away what you are doing. It will not look natural and you could find that your website is blacklisted from the search engines for improper conduct – the search engines do not like to be cheated. IP addresses are very important; you will gain more authority and a higher page rank by being linked from different IP addresses instead of the same one.

As stated, whether you buy edu backlinks or not is a very controversial subject and there are many internet marketers who will not do it. However, backlinks are extremely important and will help you rank highly on the search engines, so you will find that they are worth concentrating on. Of course, you can create backlinks yourself by using trusted article directories, forums and other non-controversial options so buying the links may not be something that you think is worth your money or your time.

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