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Building a website can be an easy undertaking. However, having spent valuable time in building an effective website, you also need to start scheming on practical ways to ensure that it remains relevant on the web by getting traffic. This is a challenging task that can literally push you the wall. Many businesses, especially small ones, require free traffic in order to survive because they can not afford to pay huge sums of money to buy traffic. Getting your business rank high in search engines is crucial for your business success and high page rank backlinks play a significant role in this process. But what are some of the ways to achieve this?

Guest blogging is one of the practical ways of achieving this. Basically, it involves writing blog posts for the sole purpose of creating awareness about your brand or website. However, when blogging, it is important to remember doing so on sites that have high page ranks and receive maximum traffic. Even then, do not miss out on getting your links on sites that do not attract a lot of traffic. This is because the sole purpose of link building is to improve your overall ranking so that people click on your link.

In addition to that, social bookmarking is another effective method of getting high page rank backlinks. Such websites are specifically designed to help users share links such as stories, pictures and videos mong the community. If you have something worth sharing, then social bookmarking may not just provide backlinks, but traffic as well.

In the recent years, article publishing has also proved to be another effective way of getting quality backlinks from well-raked websites. With the growing number of companies in need of quality articles for their websites on the rise, all it takes is to publish a well-written and quality article on the same niche as your business and distribute them on several article directories.

Another effective alternative is the use of paid posts and links. Even though it is a complicated process, it is a rewarding method if used effectively. All it takes is to establish a direct link with the blog owner and agree on personal terms.

With the proliferation of social media, it has also become a great way of getting both direct as well as indirect backlinks. This is primarily because many profile pages are often synchronized with other websites. In addition to that, many social media platforms also offer free exposure to the target audience.

Writing quality press releases can also go a long in helping you get backlinks from high page ranks. The beauty with using press releases is that you can target virtually anything from local media to large networks like Google News. Even if your press release is not published more often, most of these sites syndicate their content, meaning that one published press release may find its way to hundreds of high-ranking websites within minutes of being published. This results to tons of backlinks to your website.

Besides that, using web 2.0 also provides quality high page rank backlinks. They are often based on singles pages, which do not require you to invest a lot of time in creating and running an entire blog or website.

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