Creating One Way Backlinks to Help Gain Website Traffic

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So, you have created your website. Congratulations but the hard work is not over. To gain visitors to your website, you need to rank highly in the search engines. That will take time but one way backlinks will help you with this. However, you cannot go out and just create your backlinks anywhere; you need to think about the page rank of the websites you choose and whether they are classed as an authority in the search engines’ eyes.

What Are Backlinks?

In short, backlinks are direct links on another website to your own website. One way backlinks are better than reciprocal links and you need to ensure that they are placed on websites with a high page ranking than yours. There are a number of places that you can add your backlinks, such as forums, social media websites and article directories.

Creating Links Through Article Directories

Some article directories allow links to websites in the content but it is important to look into the rules before you start posting. You will need to write articles – or have someone else do that for you – on the same niche as your website. This could be about your business, a review about products that you sell or even general articles about something that connects to your website. Include keywords into these articles and use those keywords to create links directly to your website. As readers want to find out more, they will be able to click the link and will go directly to your website. Some directories only allow short bios instead of including links within the articles. Bear this in mind and make your bio stand out so that people click on the links.

Creating Links Through Forums

Forums are a powerful way to create these one way links but you will need to look into the rules beforehand. There are some forums that frown upon self-promotion, unless it really will help other posters. You cannot just post your link into a post and expect people to click on the link. One of the best ways to use forums for this marketing is by placing the link in your signature. This will be visible on all posts you make without promoting your website within the posts; if you think your site can help the poster, you will be able to direct them to the link in your signature with ease.

Creating Links Through Social Media

Social media marketing has become extremely popular in recent years and offers an effective way to include backlinks that are one way. There are very few rules when including backlinks on social media platforms but you need to learn how to do it effectively. You will need to learn about how many times you should post your link in a day and how to use hashtags and other special characters effectively. This will help you gain more followers or friends on the platforms and gain more success with your one way backlinks.

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